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Small Things Big Things

  • 7.7 10
  • 2014
  • 66min
Small Things Big Things
  • English, Hindi
  • English

If this were a letter, the return address would be: From the students and teachers of Sita School, Silvepura, Bangalore 560090, India. If this were a diary, it would contain entries between 5th June 2012 an 28th April 2013. I return to my first school and join with the present students and teachers in their everyday adventures of learning. Through the stories that unfold we enter imaginary worlds and intimate relationships. 'Small Things, Big Things' is a celebration of when Education becomes Art.

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Hot Docs Canada/ Visions du Reel/ Lahore International Childrens Festival/ Children Film Festival Bangladesh

Small Things, Big Things, the precious time to learn

"This is where I return. This is where I begin” it reads on screen in the first few seconds of Small things. Big things in relation to the journey that Indian director Saumyananda Sahi makes to find himself in the face of the children of the school where he studied in his childhood, in the outskirts of Bangalore, his native city. 

Through the intimacy of a film lens that becomes another student in a low-income elementary school, Sahi manages to capture the cherished instants in which children learn about life.

Whether it is debating whether prehistoric man had a tail or if he actually wore clothes; recording their own television newsreel on a mosquito that swarms around the town or staging a play in the schoolyard, the documentary gives these moments of revelation and personal growth the value they deserve.

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