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Sleeping Souls

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  • 2013
  • 52min
Sleeping Souls
  • Original Title: Les âmes dormantes

As the future of Russia hangs in the balance in the impending presidential election, the inhabitants of a Siberian village in Russia have many more important things to worry about than Vladimir Putin.

Sleeping Souls

AWARDS: Prix de l’Institut français. Festival Cinema du réel

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Jihalava international documentary film festival/ Human right documentary film festival of Vilnius/ Les écrans documentaires/ Festival du film scientifique/ Les Étoiles de la SCAM/ dokumentART - European Film Festival for documentaires

Sleeping Souls. A village and the future of Russia

In the Siberian city of Achinsk, the upcoming presidential election is not at the forefront of most people's minds. 

Dominated by an aluminum plant and a refinery, the city of 100,000 is far from Moscow, and features bitter, harsh winters. One form of winter entertainment is cutting into the river ice with a chainsaw and swimming in the freezing water.

Filmed in Achinsk during the run-up to Russia' 2012 presidential election, SLEEPING SOULS talks to ordinary Russians about their views on the vote, interviews political operatives, and takes us to the polls on election day, as citizens cast their ballots and the votes are counted.

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