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  • 2017
  • Nonemin
  • English, Swedish, Lithuanian

A documentary about the Swedish rapper and artist Silvana Imam.

  • English, Swedish, Lithuanian
Mika Gustafson
Mika Gustafson Director
Stina Gardell
Stina Gardell Producer
Anna Weitz
Anna Weitz Producer
Hanna Lejonqvist
Hanna Lejonqvist Dramaturgy
Brian Dyrby
Brian Dyrby Sound Designer
Mira Falk
Mira Falk Sound Designer
Olivia Kastebring
Olivia Kastebring Screenplay
Mika Gustafson
Mika Gustafson Screenplay
Parasto Backman
Parasto Backman Title Graphics
Nanna Dalunde
Nanna Dalunde Color Designer
Silvana Imam
Silvana Imam Silvana Imam
Beatrice Eli
Beatrice Eli Beatrice Eli

Production Companies

Mantaray Film & TV Productions