Signs of War

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  • 2022
  • 79min
Signs of War
  • Original Title: Signs of War

In his first war coverage, photojournalist Pierre Crom captures the raw edges of conflict in Ukraine, revealing the unshielded truths of war through his lens and life.

Signs of War

Signs of War - A photojournalist confronts the unguarded horrors


This action-packed documentary plunges viewers into the heart of the Ukraine conflict as seen through the camera of Pierre Crom, a photojournalist who ventured to the country’s tumultuous eastern border in 2014.


The documentary features an in-depth interview with Crom, whose candid reflections are interwoven with his powerful photographs. These images, combined with a haunting musical score, pull the audience into the visceral reality of war—a place where, as Crom poignantly remarks, "there is nothing that can protect you from what you see."


This film not only showcases the stark brutality of the conflict but also explores the profound emotional and ethical challenges faced by those who document it.

Juri Rechinsky
Juri Rechinsky Director

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