Shower Power

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  • 2018
  • 85min
Shower Power
  • Original Title: Shower Power

The inhabitants of a neighborhood in Belgium unite in a great civil mission: to find and renovate a house so that the most vulnerable residents can live there.

Shower Power

Shower Power. Civil action to celebrate imagination

In Brussels, a group of residents embarks on a five-year quest to find, purchase and renovate a home for a sanitary facility to restore the dignity of the city's most vulnerable dwellers and lift up their spirits.

Confronted with the political reality of the city, their undertaking unfolds as a real nail-biter.

Shower Power chronicles a struggle, the long and arduous journey from an idea to its realization. It celebrates imagination as a driver of civil action in the face of political timidity and narrowing horizons.

Effi Weiss
Effi Weiss Director

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