Shooting Leticia

  • 7 10
  • 2022
  • 15min
Shooting Leticia
  • Original Title: Shooting Leticia

Leticia, a fearless 15-year-old country girl from Portugal, brandishes a rifle with uncanny ease. The filmmaker captures a pivotal chapter in her life, presenting an intimate portrait of her burgeoning independence.

Shooting Leticia

Shooting Leticia - Rural adolescence, fearlessly captured

In the picturesque countryside of Portugal, 15-year-old Leticia emanates a bold spirit beyond her years. Unfazed by the weight of the rifle she wields, Leticia embodies a unique blend of youthful innocence and burgeoning self-reliance. As a filmmaker, I choose this dynamic moment in her life to turn my lens towards her, seeking to capture the essence of her character and the world she inhabits. The resulting film offers an intimate glimpse into Leticia's life, unveiling the complexities and nuances of her rustic adolescence. It is a story of a young girl coming of age in a rural setting, where tradition and modernity intersect in unexpected ways.

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