Shanzhai Screens

  • 9.5 10
  • 2020
  • 23min
Shanzhai Screens
  • Original Title: Shanzhai Screens

Cell phones, paintbrushes and chance encounters. In Shanzhai, Hong Kong, this unusual story is spun by a group of copyist painters during a seemingly endless night.

Shanzhai Screens

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Palm Spring Short Film Festival/ Clermont Ferrand Film Festival/ Indie Lisboa

Shanzhai Screens. The art of the copyist painters

It's night in Shenzhen. Copyist painters talk about their everyday lives and their practice. 

Their gestures borrow as much from the artistic imagination as they do from straight labor, from recent technologies to classical techniques. 

What takes shape here is another history of painting.

Paul Heintz
Paul Heintz Director

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