Shamans of the Blind Country

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  • 1981
  • 223min
Shamans of the Blind Country
  • Original Title: Shamans of the Blind Country

Filmed in 1982, this iconic documentary follows for a year and a half the people of a remote community in North West Nepal and their ancient shamanism.

Shamans of the Blind Country

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Berlin International Film Festival 

Shamans Of The Blind Country. Faith healing in North West Nepal 

Shamans of the Blind Country is an epic documentary on faith healing in a remote region of North West Nepal. 

Over a period of eighteen months the film follows the basic traits of a local religious practice, kindred in spirit to the many variations of the great inner-Asian tradition of shamanism characteristic for the Siberian part of Northern Asia and the entire Himalayan region. 

Michael Oppitz
Michael Oppitz Director

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