Sha Sa Ha

  • 9 10
  • 2020
  • 40min
Sha Sa Ha
  • Original Title: Sha Sa Ha

Blending footage from the pre-COVID19 world and during the pandemic, this film delves into the lives of a motley crew of characters as they cope with the lockdown in India.

Sha Sa Ha

Sha Sa Ha. A filmmaker's quarantine film in India

Sha Sa Ha is a fiction that traverses from the COVID world in 2013 through the footage of a few characters interspersed with their present life shot by themselves in the lockdown.

Here, the found-footage aesthetics meet the selfie narrative. Sha Sa Ha is a film that is treated like a filmmaker's reflections on life and art and how an event like the COVID pandemic can affect and influence our life and thoughts.

Production Companies

DocArt Productions

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