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Sex In Philippine Cinema 6: Orgasma

  • 0 10
  • 2010
  • Nonemin
Sex In Philippine Cinema 6: Orgasma
  • Original Title: Sex In Philippine Cinema 6: Orgasma

The steamy follow up to the hottest selling sex video series. More dirty secrets. More shocking surprises. More flesh fantasies. ORGASMA is the sixth installment of the highly popular erotic video series " Sex In Philippine Cinema" An explosive collection of sexploitation movies, ORGASMA features the hottest vixens of Philippine Cinema topbilled by the country's original Pantasya ng Bayan, Joyce Jimenez. This thrilling anthology also stars Ara Mina, tagged as the country's Millenium Goddess, the luscious seductress Ynez Veneracion, and many more sizzling stars. So, complete your collection now, with this sixth serving of the sauciest, raunchiest women of Philippine moviedom.

Sex In Philippine Cinema 6: Orgasma

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