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Sea and the Jungle

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  • 2005
  • Nonemin
Sea and the Jungle
  • Portuguese

Angolares are the oldest inhabitants of the island of São Tomé. Control of the island was wrested from them in the late 19th century, and their descendents have been reduced to a small fishing community. This fascinating film explores the tangled history of the Angolares and their beautiful island.

Sea and the Jungle
  • Portuguese
Ângelo Torres
Ângelo Torres Director, Writer
António Soares Pereira
António Soares Pereira Himself - Pescador
Vino Sr.
Vino Sr. Himself - Pescador Reformado
Baltazar Quaresma
Baltazar Quaresma Himself - Estudante
Julieta Paulina Lundi
Julieta Paulina Lundi Herself - Peixeira
Bibiano da Silva
Bibiano da Silva Himself - Pescador Que Já Não Pesca
Fernando Sr.
Fernando Sr. Himself - Comerciante
João Sr.
João Sr. Himself - Pescador Reformado
Liga Liga
Liga Liga Himself - Curandeiro
Grupo Anguené
Grupo Anguené Themselves
Nezó Himself - Pintor, Músico, Escultor
Grupo Voz do Rei
Grupo Voz do Rei , Themselves
Grupo de Bulauê
Grupo de Bulauê , Themselves

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