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Screwed In Tallinn

  • 7.5 10
  • 1999
  • Nonemin
Screwed In Tallinn
  • English, Swedish, Estonian

Percy Nilegaard collects Swedish single men and embarks on a bus trip to Tallinn with a so-called "highly-experienced driver".

Screwed In Tallinn
  • English, Swedish, Estonian
Tomas Alfredson
Tomas Alfredson Director, Editor
Claes Dietmann
Claes Dietmann Director
Jonas Inde
Jonas Inde Author
Martin Luuk
Martin Luuk Author
Leif Benjour
Leif Benjour Director of photography
Robert Gustavsson
Robert Gustavsson Screenplay
Johan Rheborg
Johan Rheborg Percy Nilegård / Magnus
Robert Gustafsson
Robert Gustafsson Roland Järverup / Micke / Lasse Kongo
Jonas Inde
Jonas Inde Lennart Sundström