Santa Fiesta

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  • 2017
  • 73min
Santa Fiesta
  • Original Title: Santa Fiesta

Every year in Spain, some 16,000 Fiestas are organized, during which animals are used. Honoring the Holy Virgin and the Patron Saints, and with the blessing of religious and political authorities, entire towns -including children- are involved in celebrations of unbelievable cruelty. 60,000 animals are hence abused each year during these “Fiestas of Blood”.

Santa Fiesta
OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Documenta Madrid/ Sitges/ Animal Cinema Film Festival/ Central Doc Ficmec/ Canarias Medioambiental International Film Festival

Santa Fiesta, animal torture hidden behind tradition 

Three direct sentences at the beginning of this documentary is the only information necessary before exposing our eyes to the harshest side of Spanish tradition. The words are displayed on a black background and are tinged with red, a suggestive color scheme to forsee how cruel a country's culture can be with its animals.

As sharp as this is director Miguel Angel Rolland’s point of view when revealing the intrinsic relationship between the religious festivals in his country and violence against animals. An observational approach is a wise decision when exposing the viewer to images that he may be accustomed to but now through the perspective of the prey, not the hunter.

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