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San Damiano

  • 10 10
  • 2021
  • 15min
San Damiano
  • Original Title: San Damiano

Damiano, a homeless man with a warrior's spirit and a singer's soul, claims a historic Roman tower as his sanctuary, battling urban life's harsh realities while soothing it with his melodies.

San Damiano

San Damiano - A homeless man’s songs echo tales of survival


In the shadows of Rome's bustling Termini station lies an ancient tower, now the unlikely home of Damiano, a 35-year-old Polish man without a roof over his head but with a story to tell. "High Notes: A Song from the Streets" follows Damiano as he navigates the harsh urban landscape, a modern-day warrior confronting both the specters of his past and the present's stark brutality.


Yet, it's when he sings that Damiano's true vulnerability and poetic nature emerge, offering a stark contrast to his rugged exterior. Through his journey, the documentary captures the poignant duality of survival and the transformative power of music in the heart of Rome's forgotten spaces.

Production Companies

Red Sparrow SRL

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