Safe Passage

  • 7.7 10
  • 2017
  • 15min
Safe Passage
  • Original Title: Safe Passage (1994)

Safe Passage is a silent look at a historic passage between Iran and Iraq for pilgrims heading from one country to another to visit Karbala, an Iraqi territory that Shia Muslims consider sacred.

Safe Passage

AWARDS: Winner of Special Jury Prize. Ertis Cinema

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Visions du Reel/ Videoex/ Cinema da Mare / Pure / kratovo Ethnographic Film Festival

Safe Passage. A silent journey to a holy site

Shalamcheh is an Iranian town near the border with Iraq, a place where approximately 50,000 Iranians died during the war between the two countries.

Today it is still a passageway for thousands of Shia Muslims pilgrims heading to Karbala, located in Iraq, southeast of Bagdag.

The camera films the flow of people crossing over the borders with an astonished sense of emotion.

The ghosts of those fallen in the war overlap like a crossfade with the bodies of those headed to the holy site.

Payam Parsafar
Payam Parsafar Director

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