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Ruhling 4 Ever

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  • 2010
  • Nonemin
Ruhling 4 Ever
  • Original Title: Ruhling 4 Ever

IFBB Pro-Bodybuilder Markus Rühl presents with his forth DVD "Ruhling 4 Ever" inside view on his training, friends, team spirit and the scurrility of his daily routine. The ambition on this production was to give a closer look to the private life of the athlet and the private person Markus Rühl. Therefore beside the professional filmed training scenes, which are co-moderated from german pro trainer Pit Trenz, there are much never seen private material. Markus and his wife Simone are filming there journeys by themself and give you a private view. As is usual funny, disrespectful, self-ironic and unique!

Ruhling 4 Ever
  • German
  • Original Title: Ruhling 4 Ever
Markus Rühl
Markus Rühl Himself
Simone Rühl
Simone Rühl Herself
Pit Trenz
Pit Trenz Himself

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