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Roxanne Lowit Magic Moments

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  • 2016
  • Nonemin
Roxanne Lowit Magic Moments
  • English

The professional life of Roxanne Lowit, one of the greatest fashion photographers and a pioneer of backstage photography, covering her career from 1977 and the Studio 54 until now.

Roxanne Lowit Magic Moments
  • English
Yvonne Sciò
Yvonne Sciò Producer, Director...
Antonio Giannantonio
Antonio Giannantonio Sound Editor
Cécile Leroy
Cécile Leroy Executive Producer
Michel Franco
Michel Franco Director of photography
Giuseppe Di Mottola
Giuseppe Di Mottola Director of photography
Enrico Datti
Enrico Datti Director of photography
Tobin Yelland
Tobin Yelland Director of photography
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott Himself