Room without a view

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  • 2021
  • 72min
Room without a view
  • Original Title: Room without a view

Lebanon's maids confront the harsh world of exploitation and modern slavery, as "Room without a view" chronicles their courageous fight for justice and reform.

Room without a view

AWARDS: International Amnesty Award. DocsBarcelona/ Special Mention. DMZ International Documentary Film Festival/ CICFF Award. Calcutta International Cult Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION: CPH: DOX/ Zurich Film Festival/ 

Room without a view  -  Exploitation, Resistance, Maids

This intense documentary exposes the stark reality faced by numerous maids in Lebanon, who endure meager wages, exploitation, and living conditions akin to modern slavery. The documentary sheds light on their fight for dignity and rights in a system designed to suppress them. Through personal stories and testimonies, the film reveals the oppressive environments these workers confront, including the deprivation of basic comforts like a room with windows, symbolizing their lack of freedom and visibility in society.

Roser Corella
Roser Corella Director

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Moving Mountains Films

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