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  • 0 10
  • 1989
  • Nonemin
  • English, Spanish

Romero is a compelling and deeply moving look at the life of Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador, who made the ultimate sacrifice in a passionate stand against social injustice and oppression in his county. This fil chronicles the transformation of Romero from an apolitical, complacent priest to a committed leader of the Salvadoran people.

  • English, Spanish
John Duigan
John Duigan Director
John Sacret Young
John Sacret Young Writer, Executive Producer
Geoff Burton
Geoff Burton Director of Photography
Roger Ford
Roger Ford Production Design
Michael Ray Rhodes
Michael Ray Rhodes Production Supervisor
Lawrence Mortorff
Lawrence Mortorff Executive Producer
Ellwood Kieser
Ellwood Kieser Producer
Raúl Juliá
Raúl Juliá Archbishop Oscar Bishop
Richard Jordan
Richard Jordan Father Rutilio Grande
Ana Alicia
Ana Alicia Arista Zelada
Eddie Velez
Eddie Velez Lt. Columa
Alejandro Bracho
Alejandro Bracho Father Alfonzo Osuna
Tony Plana
Tony Plana Father Manuel Morantes
Harold Gould
Harold Gould Francisco Galedo
Al Ruscio
Al Ruscio Bishop Estrada
Tony Perez
Tony Perez Father Rafael Villez
Robert Viharo
Robert Viharo Col. Ernesto Dorio
Harold Cannon
Harold Cannon Gen. Humberto
Claudio Brook
Claudio Brook Bishop Flores
Eduardo López Rojas
Eduardo López Rojas Bishop Cordova
Francisco Mauri
Francisco Mauri Salvador Ramos
Rubén Rojo
Rubén Rojo Archbishop Chavez
Omar Rodríguez
Omar Rodríguez Rafael Zelada
Juan Peláez
Juan Peláez Ernesto Claramount
José Antonio Estrada
José Antonio Estrada Man with photo album
Héctor Herrera
Héctor Herrera Alvaro Morazon
Guy De Saint Cyr
Guy De Saint Cyr Master Sergeant
Martin LaSalle
Martin LaSalle Bishop Rivera y Damas

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Paulist Pictures