Rino: The Spy Story

  • 9 10
  • 2016
  • 96min
Rino: The Spy Story
  • Original Title: RINO - Příběh špióna

How could an ordinary man become the only known Soviet spy to have infiltrated the CIA during the Cold War? This is the incredible story of Karel Köcher.

Rino: The Spy Story


Rino, The Spy Story. The KGB spy in the CIA

During the seventies, Karel Köcher was for years mimicked in the CIA while being in reality a spy in the service of the Soviet Union. This documentary tells how this apparently simple man managed to infiltrate the most sophisticated intelligence corps in the world.

In addition, the film delves into Köcher's psychological motivations. In a lengthy conversation throughout the film, he himself, now in his eighties, gives us clues about his personality, the motivations behind his adventure and the vision of its purpose with a different perspective on life.

Jakub Wagner
Jakub Wagner Director

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