Rene - The Prisoner of Freedom

  • 9 10
  • 2020
  • 98min
Rene - The Prisoner of Freedom
  • Original Title: Rene - The Prisoner of Freedom

This action-packed documentary follows the turbulent journey of René, a man of exceptional intelligence, as he grapples with his contempt for society while striving for a life beyond prison walls.

Rene - The Prisoner of Freedom

OFFICIAL SELECTION: IDFA. International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

Rene - The Prisoner of Freedom - Turbulent, Reflective, Transformative

This riveting documentary offers a compelling look into the life of René, a prisoner whose extraordinary intelligence and complex personality are brought to the forefront following a successful film portrait. Directed by Helena Třeštíková, the documentary captures thirteen years of René's tumultuous journey from the film's premiere to his present struggles to evade incarceration. As René navigates the fragile terrain of new relationships, his disdain for societal norms and the system poses a stark contradiction. The film meticulously documents René's evolution, both physically and mentally, over more than a decade, posing the poignant question of whether a man like René can find maturity and a sense of peace at the age of fifty.

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