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Rebellious Waste

  • 9.5 10
  • 2020
  • 25min
Rebellious Waste
  • Original Title: Roro Mendut (1984)

This short film tell us What would happen if we found efficient and environmental ways to handle the chaotic two billion tons of waste produced by more than seven million people that live in our planet.

Rebellious Waste

AWARDS: Best Director. Madras Independent Film Festival/ Winner for Best Short Documentary. Uruvatti International Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: International Science Film Festival of India/ Finalist Uruvatti International Film Festival/ Accord Cine Fest

Rebellious Waste. What to do with the world's trash crisis?

Almost 8 billion people live together on earth. 3 billion people live in densely populated urban areas and produce more than one billion tons of waste and solid waste every year. 

A tale of  ecological disasters and successful projects for waste management.

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