Rebeka Goes Down The Slide

  • 9 10
  • 1986
  • 7min
Rebeka Goes Down The Slide
  • Original Title: Rebeka Goes Down The Slide

Will little Rebeka go down the slide? We'll find out in this fleeting but beautiful short film shot on black and white film.

Rebeka Goes Down The Slide

AWARDS: First Place Winner Best Educational Film. Athens International Film Festival

Rebeka Goes Down The Slide. A beautiful children's short film

One autumn day in a public park in New York, Lucy Kostelanetz films little Rebeka and her mother at a peak moment of their childhood.

Rebeka's mother invites her to jump off the slide for the first time. But all the children around her take the plunge except her. Will she dare to do it?

Kostelanetz aims her sixteen-millimeter camera at an apparently insignificant event and, on the contrary, eternalizes a new step in the life of a little girl on the grains of a precious roll of black-and-white film.

Production Companies

Lucy Kostelanetz Productions

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