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Pure Gold, Dark Mine

  • 9.5 10
  • 2022
  • 27min
Pure Gold, Dark Mine
  • Original Title: Pure Gold, Dark Mine

In just a few minutes, this short film from reveals the polluting mechanism behind the extraction of gold, the precious metal everyone wants.

Pure Gold, Dark Mine

AWARDS: WINNER. Budapest Black Hat Film Festival/ WINNER. International Motion Picture Festival of India 2022

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Best Documentary Short Film. International Motion Picture Festival of India/ Clapperboard Golden Festival 

Pure Gold, Dark Mine. The heinous side of the search for gold

To extract the precious metal were, and unfortunately in many countries are still used, mercury and cyanide. Two elements highly toxic to humans and the environment. 

Gold is not afraid of air or most chemical reagents. Its high chemical inertness has always made it the ideal material for minting jewels. 

Mining, however, pollutes, destroys and impoverishes the earth. It is estimated that 3 tons of waste are generated to produce a single gold ring.

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