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Punishment Island

  • 9 10
  • 2017
  • 56min
Punishment Island
  • Original Title: Punishment Island (1966)

The tiny island of Akampene, “punishment” in the local language, is the unusual protagonist of an unknown story of femicide in Uganda.

Punishment Island

AWARDS: Best Film. Festival Internazaionale del Documentario (Concorso Italiano)

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS:  Festival du Film Ethnographic du Quebec/ Festival Internazionale di Cinema e Donne – Life & Cinema Panorama/ Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival 

Punishment Island. An unknown story of femicide in Uganda

Today half-sunken, tortured by her past, Akampene understands that the end of her existence is coming as she is about to become submerged in the waters of surrounding Lake Bunyonyi. 

Akampene was the final destination for girls who got pregnant, breaking the taboo of premarital sex. Their fathers abandoned them on her shores and the island witnessed their deaths; be it from starvation or from drowning.

Today locals recall the story just as if it was an ancient legend. That’s what the island fears the most, not death, but humans forgetting about her existence. 

Laura Cini
Laura Cini Director

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Ombre Elettriche

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