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  • 2020
  • 14min
  • Original Title: Puiet

As the fields of Transylvania yield their harvest, young Nicusor navigates the threshold of adulthood, seeking his place in the ancient rhythms of rural life.


Puiet - A young boy's quest to find his place in a Transylvanian village


This insightful documentary captures the poignant transition of summer to autumn in rural Transylvania, paralleling the seasonal changes with Nicusor's personal journey into adulthood. As the community busies itself with the harvest, Nicusor yearns to find a role that affirms his emerging identity.


Facing rejection, he turns to the vast, untouched landscapes around him, drawing inspiration and imagining a niche where he can thrive. This documentary tenderly explores the intersection of tradition and personal growth, illustrating Nicusor's quest to weave his own thread into the fabric of his cultural heritage.

Lorenzo Fabbro
Lorenzo Fabbro Director

Production Companies

Bronte Stahl

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