Private Footage

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  • 2022
  • 90min
Private Footage
  • Original Title: Filme Particular

Discovering an old 16mm vacation reel, an artist embarks on a journey to unveil the stark contrasts between idyllic holiday scenes in South Africa and the hidden, harrowing realities of apartheid.

Private Footage


Private Footage - African vacation the grim reality of apartheid

This particular documentary unfolds as artist and filmmaker Janaína Nagata stumbles upon an old vacation reel that captures a family trip in South Africa, filled with scenes of leisure and local culture. As Nagata delves deeper using online resources, the documentary takes a transformative turn, employing a split-screen approach to expose the stark contrast between the vacation footage and the grim reality of apartheid not depicted in the film.

Through meticulous deconstruction of the original footage, alongside a dissonant soundtrack, the film unveils the complex layers of history and oppression concealed within the vacation scenes, challenging the viewer to confront the unsettling past of South Africa.

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Sancho & Punta

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