Pretty Ugly

  • 9 10
  • 2014
  • 52min
Pretty Ugly
  • Original Title: Pretty Ugly (2010)

Follow Del Keens, "the ugliest model in the world," in this humorous documentary that reflects on the historic dilemma of what is beautiful and what is ugly under the sun.

Pretty Ugly

Pretty Ugly. What is beautiful? What is ugly? 

The dateless question of what is beautiful and what is ugly has reached a new dimension: cosmetic surgery, Botox and Photoshop – it has never been so easy, to manipulate the look to fit in the ideal of a perfect immaculate body. 

This film creates a snatty counterdraft to the present callomania. Del Keens, the ugliest photomodel of the world, leads us with a good portion of humor through the cosmos of imperfectness.

Jan Tenhaven
Jan Tenhaven Director

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