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Praise to the Man

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  • 2005
  • Nonemin
Praise to the Man
  • Original Title: Praise to the Man

With a divine answer to a humble prayer at age 14, Joseph Smith began to fulfill his inspired mission. He translated the ancient Book of Mormon and restored the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ. Many flocked to the American frontier to worship with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, led by the Prophet Joseph's dynamic and courageous example. Unstopped by his martyrdom at age 38, Joseph's legacy continues today in the dedicated lives of Saints throughout the world who still sing; "Praise to the Man who Communed with Jehovah!"

Praise to the Man
  • English
  • Original Title: Praise to the Man
Brooks Bedore
Brooks Bedore Reverend Townsend , 6 year old Joseph Smith, Jr
Lindsey Bitner
Lindsey Bitner Sophronia Smith
Richard Bugg
Richard Bugg Newell K Whitney
Jeff Child
Jeff Child Brigham Young
Duff Clawson
Duff Clawson Martin Harris
Bryce Clinger
Bryce Clinger Dr. Stone
Catherine Cook
Catherine Cook Mary Lightner
Roger Crandall
Roger Crandall Professor Anthon
Jansen Davis
Jansen Davis Sydney Rigdon
Mark Gollaher
Mark Gollaher W.W. Phelps
Mark Hales
Mark Hales Prison Guard
Dustin Harding
Dustin Harding 14 year old Joseph Smith, Jr.
Quinton Harding
Quinton Harding 8 year old Joseph Smith, Jr
Kirby Heyborne
Kirby Heyborne Oliver Cowdrey
Jeremy Hoop
Jeremy Hoop Parley Pratt
Levi Larsen
Levi Larsen Sally Phelps , Hyrum Smith
Rick Macy
Rick Macy Joseph Smith, Sr.
Nathan Mitchell
Nathan Mitchell Joseph Smith, Jr.
William Mitchell
William Mitchell 1 year old Joseph Smith, Jr.
Linda Moore
Linda Moore Lucy Harris
David Nibley
David Nibley Alvin Smith
Tayva Patch
Tayva Patch Lucy Mack
Ray Porter
Ray Porter Narrator
David Schultz
David Schultz Isaac Hale
Jeremy Selim
Jeremy Selim John Murdock
Gary Sivertson
Gary Sivertson Richmond Guard
Tim Threlkeld
Tim Threlkeld Reverend Palmer
Rosanna Ungerman
Rosanna Ungerman Elizabeth Whitney
Max Whitaker
Max Whitaker William Smith
Peter Widtfeldt
Peter Widtfeldt Alexander Doniphan

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