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Post New Bills: The Story of Green Patriot Posters

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  • 2014
  • Nonemin
Post New Bills: The Story of Green Patriot Posters
  • English

A short documentary illustrating how art can influence public perception towards environmental issues. Green Patriot Posters is a highly acclaimed multimedia design campaign that challenges artists to deepen public understanding and ignite collective action in the fight against climate change. So far, it has reached five million people through print media, public space and digital culture. The film features interviews with key Green Patriot Posters contributors (Shepard Fairey, Michael Bierut, DJ Spooky, Mathilde Fallot) and its founders (The Canary Project, Dmitri Siegel).

Post New Bills: The Story of Green Patriot Posters
  • English
Susannah Tantemsapya
Susannah Tantemsapya Director, Producer...
Ben Hethcoat
Ben Hethcoat Associate Producer
Kristen Wheeler
Kristen Wheeler Associate Producer
Hilary White
Hilary White Associate Producer
Tyler Kohlhoff
Tyler Kohlhoff Director of Photography
Adam Laiben
Adam Laiben Editor
Patrick Ginn
Patrick Ginn Sound Editor
John Bottomley
John Bottomley Additional Photography
Ísarr Eiríksson
Ísarr Eiríksson Additional Photography
Christopher Steidle
Christopher Steidle Additional Photography
Edward Park
Edward Park Himself
DJ Spooky
DJ Spooky Himself
Bob Stein
Bob Stein Himself

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