Pole Pole

  • 8 10
  • 2021
  • 24min
Pole Pole
  • Original Title: Pole Pole

When a European man lands on a tropical island in Tanzania, we hear his reflective voice through the letters he sends to his beloved woman. A short film about otherness, and our way of life in times of globalization.

Pole Pole

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Energa Camerimage/ In the Palace Short Film Festival/ Deep Focus Film Festival/ Vertigo Film Fest/ Adriatic Film Festival/ Liberation DocFest Bangladesh/ Liberation DocFest Bangladesh/ Fidba Film Fest/ Visioni Italiane

Pole Pole. Letters from the tropics

A sentimental odyssey about the illusions and prejudices of a European man who goes to live in Zanzibar, told through his letters to his beloved woman, at a time when globalization and mass tourism are shaking up and transforming the tropical island, its people and its culture.

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