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Pocket Rocket

  • 9 10
  • 2022
  • 20min

Because of his small stature, no one gave a dime for Calvin Murphy's NBA career. This is the narrated story of how this "little giant" became a star in the seventies among the tallest sportsmen in the world.

Pocket Rocket. Basketball and the "little giant" Calvin Murphy

Calvin Murphy was an inspiration to all 'normal' sized basketball fans as he terrorized the league despite being only 5'9" tall. 

A gifted baton twirler, his unique talents of ball handling and free throw shooting enabled him to thrive in a sport against much bigger men.

This is not only a narrated, short sports bio pic for basketball lovers, but for lovers of exciting inspirational stories where "anything is possible" is the main premise of the adventure.

Richard Poche
Richard Poche Director

Production Companies

Poche Pictures

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