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Pleasure Unwoven

  • 8 10
  • 2006
  • Nonemin
Pleasure Unwoven
  • Original Title: Pleasure Unwoven

In this high definition video essay, Kevin McCauley explores the arguments for and against this vital debate, reviewing the latest newuroscientific research about addiction along the way.Using the spectacular landscape of Utah's State and National Parks to describe the brain areas involved in addiction, Dr. McCauley turns complex neuroscientific concepts into easy-to-understand visual images that will help people in covery feel better understood, and their families and friends feel hope that recovery is possible.

Pleasure Unwoven
Norman Bosworth
Norman Bosworth Editor, Director of photography
Cory Reich
Cory Reich Producer
Jim Clegg
Jim Clegg Executive Producer
Jonathan Hallett
Jonathan Hallett Storyboard
Stephane Prevost
Stephane Prevost Voice of Marcel Proust

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