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Playboy: Women of Fear Factor

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  • 2005
  • Nonemin
Playboy: Women of Fear Factor
  • Original Title: Playboy: Women of Fear Factor

Playboy Magazine entices a group of women from the TV show "Fear Factor" to undress for their video.

Playboy: Women of Fear Factor
Hugh Hefner
Hugh Hefner Executive Producer
Rudy Poe
Rudy Poe Producer
Marci Klein
Marci Klein Producer
Frank Martin
Frank Martin Producer
Andrew Swift
Andrew Swift Production Supervisor
Ross Dale
Ross Dale Production Supervisor
Paul Deng
Paul Deng Director of Photography
Brüx Editor
Christopher A. White
Christopher A. White Post Production Supervisor
Lynda Thomas
Lynda Thomas Production Accountant
Meghan Allen
Meghan Allen Herself
Tina Bishop
Tina Bishop Herself
Meg Daleske
Meg Daleske Herself
Kelly Hopper
Kelly Hopper Herself
Perry Barndt
Perry Barndt Himself - Senior Producer, Fear Factor
J. Rupert Thompson
J. Rupert Thompson Himself - Director, Fear Factor
Laurie Zink
Laurie Zink Herself - Associate Producer, Fear Factor
Jon Walton
Jon Walton Himself - Cameraman, Fear Factor
Matt Kunitz
Matt Kunitz Himself - Executive Producer, Fear Factor
Mrs. Allen
Mrs. Allen Herself - Meghan's Mom
Jim Wise
Jim Wise Himself - Meghan's Boyfriend
Lucas Hawley
Lucas Hawley Himself - Meghan's Friend
John Cranham
John Cranham Himself - Set Designer, Playboy
Joe Himself - Colleen's Husband
Arny Freytag
Arny Freytag Himself - Senior Photographer, Playboy
Mike Melton
Mike Melton Snake Wrangler
Chris Giacoletti
Chris Giacoletti Snake Wrangler
Ashley Herself - Amanda's Friend
Nikisha Herself - Amanda's Friend
Kristen Herself - Amanda's Friend

Production Companies

Playboy Entertainment Group, Inc.

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