Period Huts

  • 9 10
  • 2023
  • 30min
Period Huts
  • Original Title: Chhaupadi

In the rugged terrains of far-western Nepal, menstruating women face exile from their homes due to an ancient tradition.

Period Huts

Period Huts -  Tradition, Isolation, Resilience, Change

Dive deep into the secluded corners of far-western Nepal, where the age-old practice of "Chhaupadi" casts a shadow over the lives of menstruating women. This documentary peels back the layers of a tradition that exiles women from their homes, relegating them to cow sheds and primitive mud huts during their menstrual cycle. It's not just a tale of isolation but a poignant exploration of the profound cultural beliefs that anchor this ritual. At the core, are the raw, heart-wrenching stories of women who brave emotional and physical hardships every month. As we journey through their experiences, we also encounter rays of hope - the relentless efforts to dismantle this harrowing tradition and embrace a brighter, equitable future.

Production Companies

Hemant Bhatarai

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