Parrots of Oz

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  • 2023
  • 25min
Parrots of Oz
  • Original Title: Parrots of Oz

Embark on a vivid journey through Australia's diverse parrot species, exploring their unique behaviors and stunning endemic beauty.

Parrots of Oz

Parrots of Oz - Vibrant, Captivating, Diverse

This visually stunning documentary showcases half of Australia's 56 parrot species, revealing their unique behaviors, vibrant colors, and intricate details through outstanding photography. It highlights the remarkable fact that fifty of these species are endemic to Australia, representing nearly 20% of the world's total parrot species. The film offers an intimate look at these captivating birds, providing viewers with a rare glimpse into the diversity and beauty of Australia's avian life.

Carlo Ferraro
Carlo Ferraro Director

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Ferraro Nature Films

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