• 10 10
  • 2021
  • 80min
  • Original Title: Pakucha

In the Peruvian southern Andes, an Aymara family gathers to honor the ancient ritual of "uywa ch'uwa," invoking the sacred essence of the alpaca's soul in a deeply spiritual ceremony.


Pakucha - Spiritual, Ancestral, Communal

Journey to the heart of the Peruvian southern Andes, where an Aymara family comes together to partake in the sacred ritual of "uywa ch'uwa." With reverence and devotion, they evoke the ancestral tradition of communing with the soul of the alpaca, known as "Pakucha." Through ritual acts and ceremonial practices, the family seeks to honor and connect with the spiritual essence of these revered animals, reflecting the profound interconnection between humans and nature in indigenous Andean culture.

Tito Catacora
Tito Catacora Director

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Cine Aymara

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