• 9 10
  • 2021
  • 22min
  • Original Title: Pagirnis

In Amsterdam's outskirt trailer village, the city nomads—misfits and idealists—forge their own destinies, their stories interwoven with age-old Lithuanian mythology and the diminishing anchor in our capitalist world.


AWARDS: Best Short Film. Storie Parallele Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Jihlava International Documentary Festival/ 

Bardolino Film Festival/ Pärnu Film Festival/ Gollut/ SanGio Verona Video Festival/ Saratov Sufferings Documentary Film Festival/ Cinetekton! Festival Internacional de Cine y Arquitectura/ Lublin Film Festival/ Amarcort Film Festival/ Dhaka International Film Festival/SANFICI/ Monstrale - International Short Film Festival Halle 

PAGIRNIS - Nomads, Mythology, Resilience

On the fringe of bustling Amsterdam lies an unconventional community: the city nomads, residents of a makeshift trailer village. Portrayed by society as the destitute, unskilled, or addicted, many of these individuals chose this life, driven by societal dissonance, idealism, or simply the pursuit of freedom. As they navigate the impermanence of their squatted haven, they grapple with life's uncertainties and the diminishing sense of spiritual connection in the modern world. In an intimate exploration, the film weaves Lithuanian mythology of household deities into the narrative, drawing parallels to Amsterdam's ongoing housing crisis. Through heartfelt conversations with these residents, we uncover tales of aspiration, introspection, and resilience against the backdrop of an ever-evolving capitalist landscape.

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