• 8.8 10
  • 2017
  • 45min
  • Original Title: Outro

The camera is the silent witness to the last weeks before Svetlana Donskova succumbs to her illness. We follow her slow surrender. Initially cheerful in the taxi, joking about being unmarried at 30, she gradually comes to spend increasing amounts of time lying on her couch in her apartment.

AWARDS: "Grand Prix" ArtDocFest/ "White Elephant Best Documentary Film - Award of Critics" Moscow International Film Festival/ Special Mention Docudays UA
OFFICIAL SELECTION: International Film Festival Flahertiana, Millenium International Film Festival, CineDoc Tbilisi, Moscow International Documentary Film Festival, Belgium Film Festival

Outro, The intimacy of a journey to another life. 

Svetlana Donskova suffers from a disease that consumes her health progressively. While waiting for news about her case from the hospital, Svetlana spends the hours in a small, taciturn apartment talking with his best friend about transitioning into the next life, watching boring TV shows or having conversations over the phone, an object that seems to be her only window to communicate with the outside world. 

In her thirties, Sometimes Svetlana tries to feel alive by putting on a wig and attending nightclubs, but these escapes never satisfy her. We see everything from the distant lens of Julia Panasenko, who manages to slide with beauty and respect into the intimacy of Svetlana´s agony. The gravitating memory of an ex-couple and the intermittent presence of her mother, with whom she has a love-repulsion relationship, become a dilemma difficult to handle in the last days of her life.

Until the last frame, Otro makes us feel every moment we live and interrogate us as to why a journey towards death cannot be one of redemption and emotional renewal.

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