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Oscar Arias: Without a Shot Fired

  • 6 10
  • 2017
  • Nonemin
Oscar Arias: Without a Shot Fired
  • English, Spanish

This is the story of a tiny country that made a decision to do something that no other country had ever done -- it decided to abolish its army and declare peace to the world. And this is the story of a young boy who grew up in that country, and how he ended up challenging -- and sometimes even convincing -- the greatest powers in the world to follow Costa Rica's example. "Oscar Arias: Without a Shot Fired" is a Don Quixote-like saga with great historical touchstones -- Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, Cold War politics and Communism, Central American War and Peace. It follows a slight, academic, and most unlikely hero over the course of more than fifty years, as he travels the world in a quest to stop the spread of the weapons of war. In the end, it is a story about the triumph of reason, of the sparrow triumphing over the eagle, and how the impossible dream can sometimes come true.

Oscar Arias: Without a Shot Fired
  • English, Spanish
Dawn Gifford Engle
Dawn Gifford Engle Director, Writer
Ivan Suvanjieff
Ivan Suvanjieff Director of Photography, Executive Producer
Giacomo Buonafina
Giacomo Buonafina Sound Designer
Jacque Gellein
Jacque Gellein Producer
Rip Gellein
Rip Gellein Producer
Maria Pretiz
Maria Pretiz Musician
Oscar Arias
Oscar Arias Himself
Maria Pretiz
Maria Pretiz Narrator
Tom Brokaw
Tom Brokaw Himself

Production Companies

PeaceJam Productions