Orchid Head

  • 8.5 10
  • 2016
  • 20min
Orchid Head
  • Original Title: Orchid Head

Angelica has a problem with her sexuality, a psychological and physical blockage. Through a video diary, shared with two other women, she will delve into her memories to understand what is going on with her body.

Orchid Head

AWARDS: SGAE Best Director Award. Internacional de Cine Fantástico de Catalunya Sitges/ Special Mention. Costa Rica Festival Internacional de Cine/ Best Documentary Short. Panama International Film Festival/ 

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Visions du Réel/ Festival Internacional de Cine de Huesca/ Bogoshorts Festival/ Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico de Catalunya Sitges/ Stripart/ Olhares do Mediterrâneo/ Seoul International Youth Film Festival/ Curto Circuito. Festival Internacional de Cine de Santiago de Compostela/ Muestra de Cine realizado por mujeres de Zaragoza/ Quartmetratges. Valencia/ MiraDocs. Mirades documentals/ Glasgow Short Film Festival/ Festival Internacional de Cine Las Palmas de Gran Canaria/ Documenta Madrid/ Of-Courts Trouville – Films en Competition Europe et Franchophonie

Orchid Head. An experimental research on female sexuality

A navel dances on the screen. Words like "Vaginism" are invented. A young woman's face disappears in the water of a bathtub. 

The above are just snippets of this experimental short film, inherently free of any traditional dramatic structure and rich in sensations and games.

It is the way in which a group of female filmmakers go in search of answers about the sexual dilemmas of one of them.

Violeta Blasco
Violeta Blasco Director

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