On The Side

  • 8.3 10
  • 2015
  • 34min
On The Side
  • Original Title: Hausfrauen-Report (1971)

This short film documents the apparently insignificant moments of the inhabitants of a Suburb of Lisbon, while they figure out how to continue living despite their precarious economic situation.

On The Side

AWARDS: Best Portuguese Short-Film Award. Indielisboa Lisbon/ Best Documentary Short Film Award. Premios Sophia Academia Portuguesa De Cinema

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Cinema Du Réel/ Dok Leipzig/ Janela International De Cinema Do Recife/ Message To Man International Film Festival/ Plateau Festival International De Cinema Da Praia/ Helsinki International Film Festival/ Frames Portuguese Film Festival/ Festival Caminhos Do Cinema Portugués/ Prémios Sophia Academia Portuguesa De Cinema/ Córtez Festival de Curtas Metragens de Sintra/ Desobedoc Mostra de Cinema Insubmiso/ Cinema Portugés

On The Side. Gazes at the margins of Lisbon

This film is a possible portrait of Portugal in 2015.

A time when, for some, it looks like we don’t have jobs and for others that there’s no more “free time” when we’re not working.

Or is there?

Production Companies

Uma Pedra No Sapato

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