Off the road

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  • 2020
  • 77min
Off the road
  • Original Title: Fuera del camino

In the vastness of Baja California, three men seek adventure and a break from monotony, setting their sights on joining the thrilling "Baja 1000" car race, while young local musicians sing tales of their dreams.

Off the road

Off the road - Adventure, Dreams, Race, Music

This music documentary chronicles the intertwined lives of three men from the isolated expanses of Baja California Sur desert. Their everyday lives, otherwise marked by the uneventful rhythm of their remote surroundings, suddenly brighten up with the roar of engines. As the annual “Baja 1000” - the largest and most thrilling all-terrain car race that spans the boundary of Mexico and the US - is set in motion, these men, fueled by dreams and aspirations, find themselves yearning to be a part of this larger-than-life event. Meanwhile, a group of young musicians, echoing the community's spirit, belt out ballads celebrating the endeavors and desires of these three desert drifters. It's not just a race, but a chance to break free from the confines of their homes and infuse adventure into their lives.

José Permar
José Permar Director

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Zero Chill

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