Ocean in a Drop

  • 7 10
  • 2017
  • 73min

India’s invisible majority are poor yet literate in their own traditions and increasingly online. Ocean in a Drop is a film about these emergent online communities and an organisation that strives to provide one billion of them with access to the internet and digital literacy by 2020.

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Chennai International Film Festival/ We Art Water Film Festival

Ocean in a Drop, the impact of Internet on rural India

Director Andrew Garton embarks on a journey through rural India, a diverse and vast territory where the lives of the poor majority of the country is constantly changing thanks of a series of projects that bring information technologies to the communities.

With a stunning photography by Jary Nemo, the documentary captures the infinite horizons and memorable faces of India’s rural world. The narrative of the film is divided into several chapters, each focusing on the impact of technology on a particular community.

Some of the projects are a computer lab where the children from the community of Chandauli learn to use internet, an information center in the Munguska Village where local folk musians can write down and record their music digitally, and the technological literacy project to the women that are part of a government program that guarantees them paid work at least 100 days a year in the village of Ratnauli.


Jary Nemo
Jary Nemo Director
Andrew Garton
Andrew Garton Director

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