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Nudo e crudele

  • 0 10
  • 1984
  • Nonemin
Nudo e crudele
  • Original Title: Nudo e crudele

Documentary about strange or grotesque things around the world: the sacred city of Benares, India, where old men go to die and be cremated; an american tourist in Hong-Kong, who buys a "baby-prostitute"; many animals having sex; the celebration in honor of a totem with the shape of a penis, in Japan; topless and prostitution places; an african tribe in which the men have gigantic male organs; a massage parlour in Thailand; snakes being eaten almost alive; hunting and safaris in Africa; a ranger being eaten by an alligator, in Florida; a missionary priest being eaten by indians; the betting clubs and strip-tease joints in Las Vegas; and much more.

Nudo e crudele
  • Italian
  • Original Title: Nudo e crudele
Bitto Albertini
Bitto Albertini Director, Writer
Maurizio Amati
Maurizio Amati Producer
Sandro Amati
Sandro Amati Producer

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