[Not] Only Plus

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  • 2019
  • 54min
[Not] Only Plus
  • Original Title: [NICHT] NUR PLUS

After a past as a drug dealer and drug user, "Plusmacher", a young German rapper, navigates life with what keeps him going despite the downfalls: his music.

[Not] Only Plus

[Not] Only Plus. Between drugs and music

Earning more money than his teachers by selling weed as a 15 year-old boy. Smuggling drugs across  the Dutch border. Being staked out by police. Losing friends to jail or chemical drugs. 

That’s how Plusmacher (29), a German rap artist, sums up his past. Neither proud nor repentant. Not denying the downsides of business, he gives a sincere glimpse of struggling with both dealing drugs and being an artist.

Lou Wildemann
Lou Wildemann Director

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Lou Wildemann

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