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Nostalgia for the Light

  • 8.1 10
  • 2010
  • Nonemin
Nostalgia for the Light
  • English, Spanish

In Chile's Atacama Desert, astronomers peer deep into the cosmos in search for answers concerning the origins of life. Nearby, a group of women sift through the sand searching for body parts of loved ones, dumped unceremoniously by Pinochet's regime.

Nostalgia for the Light
  • English, Spanish
Patricio Guzmán
Patricio Guzmán Director, Writer
Meike Martens
Meike Martens Producer
Renate Sachse
Renate Sachse Producer
Miguel Miranda
Miguel Miranda Original Music Composer
Katell Djian
Katell Djian Director of photography
Freddy González
Freddy González Sound Editor
Gaspar Galaz
Gaspar Galaz Himself - Astronomer
Lautaro Núñez
Lautaro Núñez Himself - Archeologist
Miguel Himself - Architect
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez Himself - Engineer
George Preston
George Preston Himself - Astronomer