Nora Noh

  • 7.3 10
  • 2013
  • 92min

Nora Noh, the best fashion designer, who dominated the scene of Korean women’s fashion and culture of the time. She was the first person ever to hold a fashion show in Korea and to make designer readymade clothes. She boldly dressed the Korean singer Yoon Bok-hee in a miniskirt and styled the duo vocal group Pearl Sisters in pantallong (flare-style pants). One day, when Noh was preparing for her show, a young stylist named Suh Eun-young comes to see her out of the blue. What kind of show will the two of them create amidst their differences and conflicts?

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: IDFA/ Seoul International Women’s Film Festival

Nora Noh, the portrait of the pioneer of Korean fashion

When Coco Channel, Sonia Rykiel and Vivienne Westwood were the female references in the international fashion design, in South Korea a visionary woman was changing the way the haute couture was conceived.

Nora Noh presents us the portrait of who was not only the most important designer of her country and the Asian region but one of the most important collaborators to fashion industry worldwide.

In the documentary, Nora Noh prepares for the biggest fashion show of her career in which she will commemorate her eighty-five years of life. The narrative alternates the behind the scenes of the event with a complete biographical retrospective of Noh, who tells us the passages of her life with her own testimony: her childhood at the beginning of the last century, her correspondence marriage after World War II, her husband’s returning from the dead, her studies in the United States and the beginning of her career.

In Nora Noh, made by young Korean director Kim Sung-hee, we see how several of the most irreverent achievements in the world of fashion exist due to Noh's work. She set a precedent with the size standardization of ready-mades designs and faced the conservatism in Asian society with the revolutionary mini skirts.

With an undermined reputation due to Eurocentric propaganda, the film manages to make Nora Noh visible not only as a fashion icon in her country, but also as an unknown pioneer of pop culture worldwide.

Kim Sung-hee
Kim Sung-hee Director
Nora Noh
Nora Noh Herself

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