(Non-human) Person

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  • 2022
  • 108min
(Non-human) Person
  • Original Title: Persona (no) humana

In a battle for justice, lawyers and activists fight to grant fundamental rights to two mistreated great apes, challenging the entrenched interests of a corrupt zoo system.

(Non-human) Person

(Non-human) Person - Ape Rights, Advocacy, Justice

Amidst the backdrop of two Argentine zoos, a tale of struggle and liberation unfolds for Sandra and Cecilia, two great apes living in deplorable conditions. Galvanized by their plight, the NGO Proyecto Gran Simio and a team of Argentine lawyers embark on a legal odyssey to secure the apes' fundamental rights to life, liberty, and freedom from torture. Facing formidable opposition from zoo administrators with ties to animal trafficking syndicates, the campaign becomes a test of wills, with economic interests pitted against animal welfare. In parallel, Candela, a determined photojournalist, embarks on a quest to amass evidence of our shared kinship with these sentient beings, weaving together scientific and ethical arguments to support their cause.

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