• 9 10
  • 2020
  • 91min
  • Original Title: Noces

In the serene backdrop of Vaud, a diverse ensemble of musicians delicately weaves together the complex layers of Stravinsky's "Les Noces," transforming fragments of music and memory into a symphonic whole.


Noces - A diverse group of musicians stitches together a century-old musical tapestry


This original documentary explores the intricate process of bringing Igor Stravinsky's iconic composition "Les Noces" to life through the collective effort of singers, pianists, percussionists, and a full chorus. Set against the scenic canton of Vaud, the documentary follows the musicians as they delve into historical recollections and personal reflections about Stravinsky, infusing the rehearsals with a deep sense of purpose and historical continuity.


Starting from fragmented rehearsals of individual elements, the film captures the gradual convergence of these pieces into a powerful, unified performance, culminating in a resonant rendition of the entire composition, echoing through the halls of history and art.

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